Sneak preview and casual poll

After modifying my Interplay design to add a version with moon phase instead of tourbillon, I thought I’d do the same with this WIP. I’ll end up releasing both versions but just out of curiosity, I’m wondering if more people prefer tourbillon or moonphase? I like both but if I was offered one or the other as a real watch I’d choose the tourbillon.

  • Tourbillon
  • Moonphase

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Moonphase is looking great with that rose gold

Thanks, I’ve made about 10 or 12 moon wheels, and this one is one of my favorites. I have the chance to use one of the blue ones much more frequently.

hmm… Moonphase has maintained a solid lead. I guess I’m in the minority. But Tourbillon might be staging a comeback… I’ll leave it open for a bit.

kind of low participation in this community forum relative to the numbers of the overall Facer community.

My favorite is the tourbillon … but hard to choose !

You won’t have to choose :slight_smile:

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Tourbillon always looks nicer but moonphase does have a purpose.

I do find the functionality of a moonphase to be pretty neat, but I think I tend to view it more as an appealing visual element kind of in the same category as tourbillon as far as watch faces go. It’s a design element with a lot of opportunity :slight_smile:

KV, I’d like to design something elegant and simple - along your design themes… I’ll share it with you - for approval - before publication… don’t want to step on any toes… R

Richard, looking forward to seeing your idea. No need to run anything past me. We are all inspired and influenced by everything we see. I’ve already seen the B Sharp influence on a few others’ work around here anyway :grin::innocent:. And I’m not shy about acknowledging my influences from many real watches. (Look no further than the presently celebrated JB Shapiro to see how direct influence is commonplace and accepted in the independent watchmaker world) I’m sure whatever you come up with will be your own.