Sneak preview of a WIP

No lockdown daily face today. But I am working on another novel idea that probably still has a way to go… or maybe not. The still un-named B Sharp wandering jumping hours.

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Interesting concept. Perhaps add a dot “.” after the 6 and 9 so it is easier to spot which side is up when it spins around upside down.

That’s one of the things I’m considering. Vincent Calebrese who was one of the pioneers of the wandering jump hours complication used the letters S and N in place of 6 and 9 in some of his watches. For a couple of reasons I don’t really like that solution though. I’ve considered a dot or line as you suggest. But I’m also considering nothing added since usually one has a clear enough intuitive sense of the general time of day to not be confused if it would be 6 or 9 o’clock.

As a mechanical watch I wouldn’t change much from this draft. But as a smart watch I usually like to have date and battery, but I’m still trying to visualize if/how I can make that work without compromising the aesthetics.

I like this :ok_hand::ok_hand:

thanks! I think I have a decent idea for adding date and battery… I’ll toy with that later this evening.

As often happens, I started the date/power indicators in one direction but as soon as I started drawing that idea another better idea emerged :slight_smile: does that happen to you too? Usually once I get a few layers going in Photoshop my vision of what it will become comes much more into focus.

I think this is finished, just have to let my watch battery drain a bit to confirm the indicator is working since since it’s set up a little differently.


Great :ok_hand:

That’s awesome. I have been working on something way different than I have ever done and afraid like heck to show it off until it is done.

I think you nailed it with the date and battery, they fit well

Thanks guys! I’ve confirmed the battery level works like it’s supposed to so if I have a chance to finish the lume I’ll publish it this evening. …Though I’m also release a no lume version.