So much wrong with Facer

Hai there,

Why is so much broken en why is nobody even try to fix it ?

Lemme give a few examples,

When you create a face and use that one as a template and make a copy to use for the next face everything gapes wrong…

The face will not show up right in the app, likes are marked as “undefined” you can not respond to messages people send about the face and many more really basic things.

How hard can it be to save the new face as a new face and not with all the wrong data from the “master” ?

(I have like 40 faces “undefined” I make one for myself and one without copyright problems)

And why is the top 100 not a list with the most synced faces ? is that not what a top 100 should be about ?
A good face should be able to stay in the list forever not just a month… like in every list only the best should be ranked the rest should improve till they succeed !!

And why can you not turn off the Spam in the app ? I don’t need notifications about sales and subscriptions… now it’s all or nothing…

And why do you loose the (copy)rights on a face as soon you can sell them ? Is it not really funny that Facer owns the work the designers do ? (yes I did read the conditions)

And to end… Why is there not a real line in the whole copyright thingy ? for pete sake the most popular download list is packed with faces that have the Rolex,Omega,Breitling ect logo on it…

It would be nice if staff for once give some honest feedback… I have seem more questions like this over the time and always Staff will hide under the desk till the question is not longer visible in the list…

I will keep this question on top till staff can make some time to explain some of the points…

Have a good one

really ? nothing ?? staff again not responding to this ??

Hi @prinspils1966

Thanks a lot for your post and your feedback! Sorry for the delay - as you may imagine, we are a small team managing a very large platform and we may not be able to get to all posts quickly.

You’re covering quite a few things in your post, but let me try and hit on each major point:

  • Duplicated faces not showing up right in the app or watch: this is tracked as a bug on our side and our engineers are trying to get to it soon. Thanks for your patience!

  • Top 100: the top 100 used to be an all-time top charts, but the downside of this is that these charts tend to be “self-fulfilling prophecies” where a watch face that gets to the top tends to stay at the top because of the visibility it gets through it. We don’t think it’s fair for new designers and new designs and that’s why we’re currently showing top charts for recent faces. That said, I can tell you updates to the top charts are coming soon, and you will probably like them :wink:

  • Notifications: if you are running Android 8, you can disable the “Announcements” channel in the notification settings for Facer and you will stop receiving sales notifications. We are working on a more granular option for all Facer users as well.

  • Copyrights/Trademarks: we are a DMCA compliant platform, similar to Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. You own your designs, and are granting us the right to distribute it. We do not own it, and you are responsible for what you upload per our terms of service. If your designs infringe on somebody else’s copyright/trademark, they can file what is called a DMCA takedown which is likely what you are referring when you “lose” watch faces - this likely means that the brand itself asked us to take down the content, or that our automated systems detected that it is likely infringing. You can appeal in all cases if you feel it’s a mistake.

Lastly, we’re not hiding :slight_smile: we’re working hard to make this platform as best as we can for everyone and and we appreciate your patience!

Cheers and happy facing!