FACER Community

So there I was in the creator page when all of a sudden I thought

You know what would be cool?
You know how when you’re in creator designing a new face?
And you go to add a new element, be it hands, icons, tick marks, whatever?
And it brings up that row of the sites base choices.
What would be cool is if you could save a set number of you own images to those.
That way lets say you see a cool image and think “that would be a cool watch design”
So you set your background then you go to add your handset.
You click add hour hand, you find your folder of folders of various handssets see one that might work, try it out, nope it doesn’t work at all.
So then back to searching through your folders to find another option that again doesn’t look right
Ultimately spending 20 minutes going through all your folders finding the right handset.
When in theory you could have just had a few random options saved to that little menu and quickly just ran through them…
Yep that would be cool