Solution to publishing gif mages getting lost

The problem about gif images getting lost when publishing is it is time sensitive, whether it is a bug or to stop people in certain regions publishing at times that may effect the website, I have discovered that In my region i cannot publish until 12am til sometime in the morning but if i try to publish around miidday to midnight (in my region) things dissapear…hope that helps anyone

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For me it helps if I save the face using Facer Creator instead of in the browser before publishing. I do need to verify in the overview if the face looks correct. The Facer Creator is not as stable on my MAC, so I prefer not to use it. But this whole thing is really annoying. Still does not always work!

I am ending up creating more and more in CorelDraw as a background picture of the whole face and limiting elements in Facer.

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Ive also started taking screenshots of things that are missing when publishing and adding them as the background image so it shows everything