[Solved] Battery Indicator Rotation

I am trying to add a battery indicator on my watch face. It is a circle with a dial that rotates based on the battery life, how do I do this? I need it to rotate from E to F based on battery percentage. Thinking like 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and maybe 10%…

for clarification, Full is about the 10 o clock position, empty would be 3 o clock position

Here is the image I am using:

By battery indicator, I assume you mean watch’s battery indicator.

First, you take the tag for battery level:

Then (since it supposes to go about 225 degrees) you multiply it by 2.25:

And then you add the starting angle:

Now just plug it into the rotation of your hand and that’s it.

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I put in ((#BLN#*2.0)+95) and it seems to look like it’s doing the job. thanks!