[SOLVED] Boolean expressions troubles

I’m getting stuck with boolean expressions with more than 1 condition …
it works fine with the facer creator but not on my Wear OS…

For instance, I would like to finalize a watch with specific objects disappearing depending on #WCCI# status:
On my up to date Wear OS watch (including Facer), the objets are permanently shown.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong with the expression ?

Hi @jeberuth!

You can also perform the conditions like this example:

If you can explain what you are tying to accomplish, we may be able to help further if this is not what you are trying to do.



Thanks for your reply @cdownie1967.
Actually, I would like to add an additionnal cloud for other conditions than “clear” or “ptly cloudy”.
It works only with the creator but not on my watch.
Beside, I have the same issue with “&&” …

Hi @cdownie1967 and @jeberuth

Sorry to jump in to your thread, but …

With regard to:

Does this work on all/most smartwatches?

I have seen some conflicting threads on the use of nested conditionals; I thought the overall conclusion was that you can not nest conditionals (?).

I would love to be able to do it if it is reliable on most smartwatches :slight_smile:



Thanks to confirm my doubts @mikeoday!
… last solution for me is to add more layers :wink:

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Hi @jeberuth and @mikeoday

I have used the text case example “multiple if-then-else conditionals” in many of my watch faces without reports of issues. I know others are as well for text, but not images:

This thread explains the limitations seem to be with “2-piece limit is for AND conditions (&&)… this AND that. this&&that”:

I think this is what you are having issues with @jeberuth , you will need to use multiple layers and the transparency formula for images.



try adding in some parenthesis to see if that helps:

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I’m feeling silly … i finally solved my matter with this expression $#WCCI#>2?100:0$ :head_bandage:
Nevertheless, thanks guys for your help and food for thought !!!

@eradicator09, no more chance with additional parenthesis.same issue on my watch
@cdownie1967 , I finally understood what @jmorga106 called “one nested expression” :slight_smile: it expands my horizons - Thanks for the 2nd link !