[Solved] Hide or Show image based on battery percentage

Another question, I want to have an image appear when the battery percentage is around 10% and when above 10% it won’t be visible. How do I do this and where do I put the expressions? I know it has to do with transparency but that’s all I know haha :sweat_smile:

edit: based on some searching I found
so that is saying if battery life percentage is greater than 10%, then set transparency to 0 right?

If the question is true then the end result is the first one, if it’s false then it uses the second one.

So if you will have battery level of 55% then this should give you value “100”.

that’s confusing. So basically it’s saying if BLP is MORE than 10, opacity is 100 and should be visible. - Which doesn’t show up. I want it to not be visible unless it’s 10% or less

#BLP# is a value including % (reference), so your query will always be false. :slight_smile:

Make it $#BLN#<=10?100:0$ (When Battery Level below or at 10, opacity is 100%) and you’re fine. :slight_smile:

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