[Solved] How to add celsius temperature?

I can’t seem to locate the tag for celsius in Facer Creator or the Facer Reference page. Both sites only show this

#WM# Weather Units (F/M)

It’s weird to not see it mentioned, when celsius is mentioned with battery temperature, where there are multiple tags for celsius and fahrenheit.

Is celsius not an option for weather? If so I propose that it gets added. Also, what does M stand for?

Edit: 02:10 CET

I just realized that the tag will show as celsius on the watch, once you set it in Settings > Temperature Scale on the phone app. My bad!

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Also, Metric. Celsius is in metric.

Ah! Good catch.
Although it’s kind of weird how they’d choose to represent celsius with M, because it’s metric, but then choose to represent fahrenheit with F, when that’s imperial. Because going by that logic of representing celsius with M, they should’ve then put it down like I/M (Imperial/Metric).

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I have found the option in the facer app on my phone to change the F into C into the settings. but the temperature is still in fahrenheit and not recalculated to Celsius.

This is the code I use: #WCT#°#WM#

My watch is a LG G Watch on Android Wear 1.4.2579000 and my Phone, Honor 7, is running on Android 6.0

What do I need to do to change this?

I’ve had this issue too. I use imperial measurements and but celsius for temperatures (blame the English 1980s education system that couldn’t make its mind up whether we were doing English or European measurements). My watch faces show the temperature in fahrenheit regardless.

to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius Temperature
I use this Text tag:


for reference : convert temperature: fahrenheit (°F) and celsius (°C)

hope this help :smile:

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Ben, you beat me to it - my calc was just (round((#WCT#-32)*5/9)) - why do you multiply by 1?
BTW if you change the temperature units in the app there is a considerable delay before it takes effect on the watch - it was about an hour and a half for me - very odd seeing negative temperatures when centigrade was being converted using the F-C formula :slight_smile: So I’ve removed my calc and centigrade is showing nicely for the temp from the app settings.

Awesome! You right snedger, The Expression Tag for add celsius temperature
can be use with your calc fahrenheit to celsius

Thank you for sharing snedger… really useful! :slight_smile:

I see that you’ve got the C for centigrade hard coded - it’s only just now that I’ve realised that #WM# displays the weather units - I imagine that you only want to display in C, but if you published a watch you might want it to be customer flexible, or you could be right awkward and insist that the display was in C by testing for the weather units and using appropriate formulae.