[SOLVED] How To Download Facer Creator for Windows


I kept reading about a Facer Creator client for Windows but I can’t find links to download it anywhere. Could someone please share those links?


My next question would be if there are actually any advantages of the client vs. the web version. I tried the 3.0.0 beta and it seems to be identical to the web client and also not much faster.

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It is always same as the browser one.
The only difference while using Windows creator is that you still need to open the browser if you want to see the Documentation.
Also, you can have only one face opened at wone (vs many tabs in most browsers.

As for the link:
Open https://www.facer.io/
Scroll down, to the place between “Facer creator” and “Supports all major smartwatches”.
Click “Download Windows App (Beta)”

Here’s the direct link.

Thanks! As it’s exactly the same, I won’t use it. I don’t really see why it would be needed :slight_smile:

I would even say it’s inferior to the web one.

The ability to work offline is the main benefit.

You do know that it doesn’t work offline, right?
Whenever you start the app with no internet connection you get a message:
Load error!
Failed to load! The app will now close. Try again later please.

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Oh, I didn’t know that! I just assumed that the stand-alone client would allow offline work that saves for later syncing, especially since @jmorga106 designs during his LIRR commute. Are you tethered the whole time, John?

Disclaimer: I’ve never been able to test the stand-alone client myself, since I’m on macOS X Yosemite. I’m considerably less envious now that I know it doesn’t work offline!

I simply unplugged the ethernet cable from my PC, I started the creator and got that message.

Yeah, I see. Thanks for testing and reporting that it doesn’t work offline!

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Hey @pacingpoet,
Yeah I’m tethered the whole time with an unlimited Verizon data plan.


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