Which browser for best Creator performance?

I expect some of you have already explored this… is there a consensus of any particular browser being the best to use with the Facer creator app? I have a Windows 10 PC with their native Edge browser plus Mozilla and Chrome loaded.

Chrome is working best for most of us.

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I have best performance with the desktop app, but it is a 2 or 3 year old beta version, so it seems (have not noticed any difference in functionality as of yet though)

Desktop app? Is that still available? I’ve only seen mention of the web based app. I’d MUCH rather have a standalone desktop app.

The desktop version is stone old and doesn´t have all the nice new features…

what features are missing? it feels like it just loads the same “page”…

i cant find that 3 beta anymore, but this thread seems to have v4…

Yes, you can download Version 4 from this thread as a zip-file - but it´s from 2017…

Try it out … I don´t know exactly what features are missing . I did test the standalone version years ago and immediatley went back to the web based version.

I’ve tested almost all of the current browsers on Windows 10, including Pale Moon. At this point Edge Chromium works best for me.

I’ve tested the new Microsoft Edge a few times now and I feel it doesn’t slow down like Chrome as the watchface gets heavier.

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So I guess there is no consensus :slight_smile: I’ve been using Edge because that’s my default browser. But it definitely seems sluggish to me especially once I get a lot of layers.

I love it. It will only get better. I’m looking forward to when the old Edge is replaced for everybody via Microsoft Updates.

@kvansant if you are using the old Windows 10 Edge, yes, it is very sluggish.