[SOLVED] How To Implement Stop2go Functionality

Hi there,

I would like to try a stop2go function on one of my designs. It’s like a station clock were the first 59 seconds go in 58 seconds and at 59 it will wait for 2 seconds to sync with the rest of the station.

Is this possible and if so, how would the code look like.

I’ve been searching the forum but couldn’t find anything like it but it’s possibly done allready


Hey @bart_vd_linden I’ve never known about this but I was just watching a video on the Mondaine that has this function (http://wornandwound.com/introducing-mondaine-stop2go/) . I think the hours and minutes are covered by having the hands jump (DWFK and DWFM) instead of using the smooth tags. For the seconds, I would use the smooth tag DWFSS, accelerate it: 60/58 = 1.03448275 and then when the accelerated DWFSS exceeds 360, just hold the second hand rotation at 0 (straight up) until the 2 seconds are over, then the normal DWFSS cycle will reset back to 0 and you’re off into the next minute.
Like this:

This is just the minute and second hands. Inspection mode is on.



Will try this tonight. And yes, the mondaine stop2go is exactly what i want. In fact, it’s my favorite watch for what i can afford :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much! Works like a charm.
Not sure i will keep it in my collection because of maybe copyright issues but for personal use i absolutely love it


@bart_vd_linden, big fan of this kind of design, might nick this feature for some of my Swiss designs, hope you don’t mind. John thanks for the solution - With my OCD I’ll be staring at this for hours, who thought looking forward to the top of the minute could be so addictive

@jmorga106 Thanks for linking to Worn & Wound’s write up on the station clocks of Swiss Railways! Super charming and old school - precisely the kind of backstory that I loooooove to read. :heart_eyes:

@bart_vd_linden Imitation is the highest form of flattery… Keep it in your collections and reference your inspiration. Maybe name it more descriptively, like SBB Stop2Go.

I don’t want to call it SBB stop2go or Mondaine because it isn’t. This is the clock used in Holland by the NS (Dutch Railways)
They all have slightly different designs but are from the same designer and use the same mechanism. Something with a motherclock and a bunch of slaves i beleive.

And flattering or not, ask Apple what flattering will cost you because they took the Mondaine design :sweat:

But thanks again for the code and for others feel free to use it… i didn’t invent it either :laughing:

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@bart_vd_linden - You’r Clock looks very nice, and very simple at same time.
Yes, at my former Job (on passenger Ships) we had the same system, where all clocks was controlled and syncronized by a central timer Hub (an old system, but works perfectly). And all clocks, had nearly same design, as the Link you brought. I was not knowing, that it was in use on Swiss Railway Stations!

Hahaaaaaa! that’s awesome dude! Looks great just change it slightly and make it your own. remember you were “inspired” by the tech, you didn’t duplicate it. Just change the design a little and make it your own brew.

there’s plenty of copycats out there in the physical watch world. Look at Orris, almost an exact dupe of Rolex. Heck, look at TUDOR watches. another nearly identical copy of Rolex, and Rolex owns the company! (reminds me of Whirlpool and Roper).

Glad it worked out,