[SOLVED] How to Multiply the Second Hand

hi all,I’m quite new to designing faces and have designed a few so far. For my next design I am trying to create a second hand that as it sweeps round it leaves a copy of itself behind it, so when it gets to 60 seconds the face has 60 hands filling the entire face and then they disappear and the sequence starts over. Any help would be much appreciated thanks laz

I can tell you right now, that doing this will probably make that face unusable for most watches, because of the memory usage of over 60 elements.

If you still want to try then use this:
For main seconds hand use just normal seconds tag, no problems here I believe.

And for each of those unmoving hands:
rotation code:
transparency code:

In both of those cases, the “x” is the number of that hand.
eg.: the hand that would point to 34th second would have codes:

Hi, thanks for the reply. I was thinking 60 elements would probably overload the system, but i will give it a go. if it works it should look pretty cool. Thanks again