[Solved] How to TAG battery percentage

Hello everyone!

Designing a new face, I’m trying to find a way to tag expressions and I can not make it work properly appreciate the help of someone who knows how to operate it. I leave a screenshot with yellow lines to understand how I want to rotate clock hands.

@GRR In a watch I was working on, I used the following equation to solve this (on the indicator’s rotation property)



Using the BLN, which is an integer of battery between 0-100, and dividing it by 100 to get a decimal value. Then I multiply that by my max rotation value. In this example I also offset it (-75) for my particular design.

Let me know if this helps!

IT WORKED!! But only you can make it work with # BLN #, when I use it with # PBN # to the battery of the phone does not work … I have to modify the code or TAG?

Fixed, I modify the rotation from design and was well! Thank you very much GAVIN!

@GRR Great - so PBN worked for you in the end? I tested it in my design and that did work for me.