[Solved] How To Tag CounterClockWise (CCW) Reverse Clock

Hi everybody!
I’m trying to make some CounterClockWise (CCW) Reverse Clock watch faces
So I’m trying to figure out how to TAG expressions:
Value for second hand (rotation to the left)
Value for minute hand rotation ( rotation to the left)
Value for Hour Rotation (12 hour) (rotation to the left)

My method is simply giving them a negative multiplier, so smooth seconds in reverse would be (-(#DWFSS#)). I think you could even forgo the inner parentesis, but I include them for my own clarity.

Awoseme…! Thank you apalileo for your useful simply method. :smile:

CounterClockWise (CCW) Reverse Clock
(-(#DWFSS#)) for second hand rotation
(-(#DWFMS#)) for minute hand rotation
(-(#DWFKS#)) for Hour Rotation (12 hour)

Glad to help! Share a link to your watch face once you finalize it! I look forward to seeing what you do with these reversed features!

Finalize CounterClockWise (CCW) watchface :smile:
Thank you apalileo…

So you’re G7… nice watch faces! I’ve got a few of them on my watch now. I really like the silver one with the round screen in the middle.

This watch face is going to get me in trouble! I’m going to be late for everything, thinking it’s 11am when it’s really 1pm lol! It’s worth it.

One bit of advice for the fine lines and digits on the black: give them a 1pt stroke in 50-60% black. It helps with the anti-aliasing. It does bold them ever so slightly, but they’ll display with more clarity.

Also, consider deactivating visibility for the second hand in dim mode. Since dim mode doesn’t count seconds (for battery conservation) it just sits there. The hours and minutes will update occasionally in dim mode, but since they’re in longer intervals, it’s not as noticeable.

Great work nonetheless. Keep it up!

Thank you for your suggestion apalileo :smile:
the fine lines and digits on the black: 1pt stroke in 50-60% black.
here others G7 s3.3 v2

hope your like it :smile:

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, but the silver face was fine before the revision. I was referring to the white lines and text on the black background. Black shows up fine on light colored backgrounds, but white tends to look fuzzy on dark colored backgrounds! I apologize for the misunderstanding.

its ok… my bad :slight_smile:
take a look this hope give me advice

below link i use your simply method too thank you apalileo… :smile:

Great concepts! I like what you did with the layers and opacity. The shuttle and satellites are a great detail.

Newbie here. Would you please tell me, where does that code go? I cannot find it…
Thank You…

Found it just after asking. Thank You…

Reference here Tags | Facer Documentation
and here Basic Recipes | Facer Documentation
hope this help :slight_smile: