[SOLVED] How To Tag Speedometer for Hours Minute Seconds

Hi everybody!

I’m trying to make some speedometer watch face for hours minute seconds
So I’m trying to figure out how to TAG expressions

Thanks in advance, :smile:

Since you’re only spanning 216 degrees, set your hand to the 0 position and multiply your tag by 0.6 to reduce the 360 degree rotation to 216 degrees (e.g. #DWFSS#*0.6 for seconds). NOTE: hour hand rotation reads from 30-390 degrees so you’ll have to account for that ((#DWFKS#-30)*0.6). The hand will rotate from 0-12 (or 60 depending on the dial) and then jump back to 0 and start over.

For the AM/PM marker, I’d set the hand as you have it and use something like this:
Rotation: $#Da#=PM?x:0$ with ‘x’ being the degrees of rotation required to point from AM to PM.

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thank you Anthony helping me :smile:
following expressions
minute & seconds hand rotation work fine with tag expressions
seconds Rotation: ((#DWFSS#-180)*0.6)
minute Rotation: ((#DWFMS#-180)*0.6)
AM/PM marker Rotation: (($#Da#=PM?105:70$))

but hour hand rotation something wrong i don’t know why
hour hand Rotation: ((#DWFKS#-180)*0.6)
please ref here


Great looking watch face! What software are you designing the elements in?

I can’t see what the issue is with the hour hand rotation, but it might have to do with your tag… #DWFSS# is for smooth seconds. Also note the issue I pointed out for #DWFKS# is that it doesn’t phase from 0 to 360, rather it starts at 30 and rotates to 390. Why? I have no idea, but you have to account for that: (#DWFKS#-30). That will get you back to the 0-360 range. You can then build your expression on that foundation.

I hope that helps,

i’m designing the elements with coraldraw bit with photoshop

please see hour hand rotation, when at 12:50
and Custom Font not working properly too :frowning:

Hmm… I see what you mean there. It should be halfway between 0 and 1 instead, right?

Did you subtract 30 from #DWFKS#? That would be the only reason that the hand is surpassing the 360 degrees times your multiplier.

if i subtract 30 from #DWFKS#
following expressions
hour hand Rotation: ((#DWFKS#-30)*0.6)
when at 11:59 not working properly

Maybe my workaround has been addressed! Instead of ((#DWFKS#-30) *0.6), just do ((#DWFKS#%360) *0.6) and that should fix it.

I used to have an issue when I maxed it out. It would count to 360, then start back up at 30 instead of 0, but I tried it out just now and it reset just fine.

I hope that works,

when at 12:00 not working properly :worried:
with following expressions hour hand Rotation: ((#DWFKS#%360) *0.6)

How is the hand artwork oriented? Looks like you might need to subtract 108 from the rotation to get the hand to be 0 at 12 o’clock: (((#DWFKS#%360)*0.6)-108)

Well done and thank you Anthony for your effort helping me, now its working properly :smile:

Glad I could help! It’s always a bit tricky creating dials that don’t rotate the full 360 degrees.

yeh! you the best :smile: one thing i have bit problem in Speedometer watchface, about Custom Font not working properly too, something wrong?

Are you using one of the fonts from the creator or are you loading up your own? If you’re loading up your own make sure it’s a .ttf and not a .otf font. If it’s a creator font, try changing it to something else and changing it back. Maybe it’s not linking up properly.

Yes i upload up new font and it’s a .ttf file and not working properly.

Might be the font file you uploaded. I can’t think of anything else.

Hi @Ben!

Can you share the ttf file you are using? We’re investigating issues occurring with certain font files and specific devices and having more info your specific use case would be helpful!


first create watch face with 2 custom fonts ttf file and draft save.

fonts ttf file i use for your reference:
Auto Digital : Auto Digital font by anxaco - FontRiver
Texas Led : Texas LED font by Marianfudge - FontRiver

and i try to re-edit back watch face from the creator Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more, 2 custom fonts are i already use missing

watch face for your reference

Thank you :smile:

Thanks, @Ben! That’s super helpful! Let us look into that specific scenario today!

Hi guys, I need help with a similar design that i’m creating, is about a speedometer as well, where the hour design is similar to @Ben (for the hours), but for the minutes and seconds is where i’m having my dilemma, is a spawn of 110 degrees, and the division for the minutes and seconds would be 1.83 degrees, so it would be a (((#DWFMS#%360)*1.83)-108)) for the minutes (starts at the -108degrees point), similar of the Hour needle, then for the seconds, that is similar spawn, starts on 0degrees, and following up to 110degrees… i know im not exactly the best in trigonometry but im definitely trying…
the interface im developing is the following: nerio alberto - MustangWatchV1.0 - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
, please if you guys can help me, i appreciate it… thank you in advance…