[SOLVED] How To Use More Than 2 Logic Expressions (1>x>5 || 2>y>7)

I’m trying to create a logic expression that looks like
$ 1>x>5 || 2>y>7 ? 100 : 50 $

(I use x and y to make it simple)

Thank you very much!

Facer allows only up to 2 questions in one condition.

There is a workaround for this: you need to twist the x and y values so that they get to the sertain point and then go back down.
Do you know what I mean?

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You could try $(x<1||x>5)||(y<2||y>7)?100:50$ but i think that ( ) in expressions are not really reliable. Good luck!

@msm030 sorry, but it will not work. Facer brakes when you give it more than 2 questions in a condition (regardless of ()).

@Mellin, wasn’t it 3 conditions? Docu says “a maximum of 3 basic Boolean operators in any given formula” or am I misunderstanding sth?

Everything over 2 crashes half of faces, or at the very least it slows them down to 1-2 fps.

Ok, good to know, Thanks for the tip.

I’ve created a tutorial, on how to do it: Checking if a value is in a range with 1 question