(Solved) Old faces not shown on the designing/editing list (THANKS!)

Dear Facer staff
few weeks ago, I noticed that the old faces I designed in early time (June, July…) are not shown on the designing/editing list. Although I can still find them under my profile page so that I can still go back and edit them if I have to, I still miss that I could see how many people download on those watch faces. Showing downloading number is only available on the watch face editing list page. Is there a limit on the number of face created on the editing list page? Or if not, could you help me to display those watch faces back to the list again? (Besides, I notice that when I create more new faces, the existing faces would disappear some more. It’s kind of sorry to see them off the list.) Please advise and help. Thank you!

@sunnyliao can you share the name and/or screenshots of these faces? we’ll investigate!

Hi @Facer_Official As you can see at the bottom of the menu screen can only show faces until “Milky Way 2” lastly edited on August 3rd. The watch faces had been created before that date are not shown here.

Those early created faces are many and these are some of them (pix below):

I also have noticed that this also occurs to the Facer app on my phone, and I cannot sync those “off-the-list” faces directly from my phone. I have to get them synced from wifi over my laptop. Syncing from wifi is not very responsive as syncing from a smartphone.

Thanks for your attention!

Thanks! Our team is going to look into this and will get back to you as soon as we figure out what the issue is. Thanks for your patience!

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Hi @Facer_Official, thank you for your previous responses. Just wonder if your team has found the problem of causing not showing old faces? Sincere thanks! (ps.: Sunny Liao - Alfa Romeo Remembered3 - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer this watch has gone missing from my both editing list and profile collections.)