[SOLVED] Rotation on Rotation

Hi all,
I am returning to Facer after a little break and have made the following design, based on an Eone Bradley watch I like:

I have gotten the balls to rotate around the centre. but I would like them to also ‘roll’ as they move. At the moment they rotate like normal hands but I think it would look better if the balls themselves were spinning/rolling as they went along. Any suggestions? I’ve tried making them orbit and then changing the rotation component, but the orbit didn’t seem to be working for me. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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…I would suggest the same you tried. Cyrcular motion & rotation… let’s try this formulas (based on @Mellin )


(((sin(((#DWFSS#+0)/180) * pi)) * 50)+160)


(((-cos(((#DWFSS#+0)/180) * pi)) * 50)+160)

…they work 100% at my watch faces… (sure the Nr. 50 should be corrected depending on your particular diameter) :wink:


Yes!! Thank you sir, that did it :slight_smile: The formula I was using was slightly off, but the version you have posted is exactly what I was after :slight_smile:

What do you think of the design? The real watch is quite striking because you can actually see the depth to it (the low points and high points). I feel like that is a bit lost on the smart watch because it is now just flat?

Hi @roycaruso, I looked closer at it now.

1 - at the first look it appears to me like the original (good for impression, bed for your originality ;))

2 - metal ball actually do not need to be turned around own axis (light come “always” from the same site, so the light reflection should stay at the same place)

3 - for more depth feeling I do thing that a shadow of the balls would helps a lot

You can always play around and make (almost every) the watch face better and better… :wink:

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Thanks! I usually do original designs, but wanted you have a go at an impression. Don’t worry, once I get the base down, i’lll be adding my own flare to this design too :slight_smile: hmm great suggestions, thanks! I’ll get cracking :slight_smile:

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