[Solved] Samsung Gear 2 - Can't get watchface picker to work


Is Samsung Gear 2 a supported device? It seems that I cannot find facer in the watchface picker on my watch. I selected Samsung Gear Live, as my assumption is that it’s in that product line, but I may be wrong. I would appreciate any enlightenment on this issue!

Edit: I realize that Gear 2 is running Tizen, and not Android wear. I would have to flash it to Android wear to make this work more or less.

  • Theo

Hi Theo!

As you pointed out, the Gear S2 and upcoming Gear S3 are Tizen devices and are not compatible with Facer today. This may change in the near future though, we’ll keep everybody posted when that happens!

doesfacer work with samsung s3 yet?
Thank You is how to install

Hi @Papabear! Facer now works on Samsung Gear S3! You can install it by searching for “Facer Companion” in the Galaxy app store, or by downloading Facer 3.0 on Google Play and following the steps at install for the Samsung Gear S3.

hi, @Facer_Official
Great work on the facer app by adding support to gear s2/3, but does this mean that samsung gear 2 (which as you know runs tizen) work with facer too ??
if not are there any plans for future support ?
I really like your app and it would be a blessing if it ran on my gear 2
thanks for your time.