[SOLVED] Second hand on dim mode/AOD doesn’t work

On this watch the second hand doesn’t work on dim mode on the actual watch, at least the Samsung gear s2. The same goes for some other designs of mine. Is this a known flaw? If so I will just remove the second hands from sim mode.

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Second Hands generally don‘t work in dim mode.

This is integrated in the operating system of the watches and should save power consumption.

@GAUSS thank you. I will take those off then :thumbsup:

You‘re welcome.

Have a nice day.

sorry to bring it up again but, is there a way to get the second hand to work in dim mode/AOD? I would imagine this may be a certain watch and/or phone issue? Surely every single watchface created in Facer cannot utilize a second hand on dim more/AOD?? @Facer_Official

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The vast majority of watches today cannot update more than once a minute in dim mode. We are not enforcing that constraint in the Facer Creator because we believe future watches will not have this limitation and would prefer leaving it up to the designer to show/hide the elements they want in dim mode. If you are getting complaints from users of your watch faces on that front, we recommend you hide these layers in dim mode.



Thank you for this reply. This is the response I was looking for. I appreciate you taking the time to write it up.
Thanks again.

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