[SOLVED] Timebased smooth fade in and out

Once again i need some help. I seem to be to dumb to understand conditionals and boolean logic.

What i want to have:

2 seconds after wakeup of the watch a constant sine based fade-in/fade-out of a picture.

My formula:


does not work.



here are two expressions, which should work (I could not test it right now, due to the actual creator trouble)…

Wake Up Second Base

$#DWE#>2?(50 * (sin(((#DWE#-(floor(#DWE#))) * 2 * pi)))):0$

Real Time Second Base

$#DWE#>2?(50 * (sin(((#Dsm#-#Ds#) * 2 * pi)))):0$

(in your expression there is just =2 instead of >2 what I see and you need to make some spaces between * in expressions to make them visible here in this forum)

Your my personal god now.

Working perfect.

I mustn‘t even change any parameter.

For sure i will give you credits and i hope you will like the result. It‘s not yet ready.

Greetings from Germany,

Phantasico aka GAUSS

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Didn‘t know that with the spaces in formulas. I will remind it.

Great that it works! :wink:

Greetings from Austria

Here you are: the result.