[SOLVED] Transparency and Rotation

I’m building a face with an half yellow ring that rotates for 30 seconds and after disappears because another half yellow ring rotate for the next 30 second. The problem is that in Face Creator it works very well but in the app and in the watch It work only without the transaparency expression.

For example:
Rotation: #DseT# (Value for second hand rotation (0-354 with intervals of 6))
Transaprency: 100
This work in Facer creator, app and watch

Rotation: #DseT#
Transparency: ($#DseT#<180?100:0$)
This work only in facer creator while in app and watch the half ring yellow is not visible

Can you help me?

I solved it… the problem was the ( parenthesis…

Rotation: #DseT#
Transparency: $#DseT#<180?100:0$
Ok, It work!!

I have simplified it in one expression for my needs

Rotation: $#DseT#<180?#DseT#:180$

Now the problem is for secon half ring… it seems that using two expressions the system is in conflict or else I do not know

Rotation: $#DseT#>180?#DseT#+180:180$
Transparency: $#DseT#>186?100:0$
This work only in facer creator while in app and watch the second half ring yellow is not visible

Is possible to use two expression in some object?

I solved deleting one condition and duplicating first half ring

Rotation: #DseT#
Transparency: $#DseT#>186?100:0$

Two expressions seem don’t work fine

This was hilarious for me. Since I stink at math I was like um, yeah ok? And than watching you have a dialog with yourself, as they say sometimes talking aloud your problem really helps. So for the math first grader here, can you help me with this: I am trying to get the watch masking right for this. I broke down each of the time into 15 degrees (over lapped numbers so wouldn’t have to try aligning). I think if I can have the transparency active for the 60° thru 120° would allow me to hide seeing the orange on the opposite side. Does this make sense?
What is the math I need to use? If this works I can start getting out several more watches because this is what is hindering me from releasing some watches. I don’t know how to create “Clipping Masks” in Facer.