[Solved] WatchOS Using Creator?

I’ve received a request to design for the Apple Watch. I don’t have one to do testing on, so my questions:

  1. It appears that all we can do for watchOS is to create a Photo Album background. This is probably a silly question, but do we add all the background images to one design; thus several “photo album” images will show along the bottom of the Creator design page - not just one background image per face as we do when designing for Android?

  2. The default color in Creator for time/date is in white. Is it possible to change the color of that (or is Apple smart enough to change white/black depending on the background)?

  3. Will my design using Creator work on all versions of the Apple Watch?

From memory, the Apple side of things wasn’t too hot…Just one basic background (I think it does scroll through them) and no ability to change the colour or style of the font…Apple must be very picky with the styles that are permitted?

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Thank you, Roy. In that case it makes things easy. Apparently, Apple calls the shots on what appears on the screen so there’s no way to anticipate if any of my text will interfere with their messages. Thus, it makes sense that all we can do is to provide background images.

Yeah I thought so…Fair enough I suppose!