[SOLVED] Width-Based Battery Indicator Error

Hi. I created a watch face the other day called “Simple Abstract Grey”. The battery indicator worked fine yesterday with the battery being full at 100%. Today it is at 95% and the bar has moved too far over that it over fills the battery icon. Have I gone wrong somewhere or are other batteries doing the same? Many thanks in advance for any help provided.

Also the width is 37 pixels long to fill the bar, but yesterday in order to make that work at 100% I had to use the code (0.45*#BLN#)

can you post a link so we can see the graphics?

Hi jmorga106,

Sure: Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

Hopefully that takes you to the watchface

Also I slightly edited the tag to ((#BLN#/100)*37) to see if that would make a difference. Not sure if that will or not.

nope it 404’s. VIEW the watch in a new browser window, then post the URL of that window. I’m about to drop into the subway - no internet. I’ll be back on later.


Could you try this if you get a chance?

thanks in advance

If I may:
First of all the line indicator shows watch’s battery level (uses its tag) and the text shows the phone’s battery level.
I’m not sure if that is what you wanted, but if you just want to fix the line indicator then use:
For its length.

Hi Mellin,

That is what I was attempting to do, yes. I’ll give that a try and see if it improves.

Thanks for your help.


Sorry, that seems to have not worked.

It is at 100% and the line is not all the way across. Even though the amount of pixels entered was correct.

looks like you are mixing the two different battery tags as @Mellin said. The Text percentage is the “phone” PBN tag, while the line is th “Watch” BLN tag. If you want the line to be the watch use Mellin’s example. Otherwise for phone: (0.37*#PBN#)

In the creator the percentages start at two different levels which can be confusing if you are mixing and matching.

From what I understand @unplugmealready wants to have both watch and phone battery level next to each other, but I must warn you:
If for one you will use ONLY sliding indicator and for the other ONLY text indicator, people will get confused (even if you will explain it in the description - sadly they rarely read the whole thing).

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@Mellin that’s correct, yes.

They are side by side but both are separate entities.
The battery level percentage tag works fine.
All I want is for the other tag to show the correct display when the battery is at the relevant percentage. So if it’s half full, I want it to look half full. But what has been happening is when my phone is charged at 100% the bar is partly empty on the lime indicator. Not full. But it fluctuates throughout the day. This morning I woke up and it was displaying the battery icon as full. Yesterday (mid day) my phone was fully charged but the battery icon was partly empty.
As I say, it isn’t the percentage tag that concerns me. I could delete that to save confusion, I guess. I just want the line indicator to represent the current battery status of my phone.

Sorry if that doesn’t make much sense.

I’ll go back and double check that I don’t have the tags mixed up, though. It could just be me making a simple mistake.

Thanks all for your help so far.


Sorry all. My mistake. I had the watch tag mixed up with the phone tag. I shall go hang my head in shame now.

Thanks for all the help.

looks good now @unplugmealready :+1:

That’s good, thanks :smiley: