Some beginner questions


I’m trying to understand a bit of Creator to fix my own watchface.
I had no knowledge of the creator app, nor programming.

I’ve been reading the instructions from Facer and different subjects on the forum.
I’m finding interesting things, but also a lot is not really covered, or only with a (too) short explanation for me. The fact that I’m not native English doesn’t help

Some questions that come up:

  • app launcher: do I have free choise of launching apps that I want, or only those provided (8)

  • in my work-space: i put some plain watches to play with. At first sending them to my watch worked fine, now I’m stuck in sending an already deleted face, instead of the one I’m choosing. Is there a way to clean the ‘cache’?

  • about hands: I’ve read a topic about the center point of a hand. I had the same problem: the hand was turning around the middle instead of the edge.
    So I will make an image of 320 x 320 pixels, 960 x 960,… (what to choose?)
    Then i position the hand in the middle.
    So I will make 3 layers apart (H, M, S) and import them?

  • importing a ‘progress’: suppose I choose the battery preset. I have tried it but it seemed not to work with me (the circle/ bar did not equal my battery percentage)
    do I have to link it somehow to the battery percentage?



Hi @nicoclaessens99 Welcome to the Facer Community .
Questions Questions Questions .
Sorry but my Language is English and I am not the expert.
Tell us the Language you are Best with some may help in that Language .
I have posted some short YouTube Videos to help starters .

Not sure what you mean by App Launcher . If you mean the WearOS or Apple Templates . They are there just for example . I always start with a Blank out of Habit . Find some work that is Inspectable and look at that . I do not mean to blow my own Trumpet but all My Work is Inspectable .

Leave some Publications for us so we can Judge where you are on your Journey . Take care with your Face Titles . give them revision numbers or something . The do get a bit jumbled up for one reason or another .

I make my Hands a 2400x2400 . Not necessarily recommended . But the intended Pivot point must be in the Middle of your Image . Your Images must be PNG with Transparent Background . You can import those images to a H M S layer or an Image Layer and put yur rotation code in yourself .

I would Keep It Simple ( Stupid ) KISS till you know where you are .

Some of the Progress Bars have pre-sets . Have a good look at those or inspect others work . Remember Fill is Zero to One . Rotation is Zero to 360 ( degrees ) . I don’t use progress I use arcs and Image blocks but that is my problem .

So Rotational Progress Bar for Battery is Fill ((#BLN#)*.01)

Come back soon .

App Launcher: as far as I know only ones that are available.

I create a hand the way I like it, then I make a copy of it, turn it 180 degrees, align both to the turning point. The second one at the bottom: no lines and no color - so transparent. I export to PNG file from my graphics program. Example below is only 140kb. Usually I make the top one white, then I can color it as I want in Facer.

Progress: if it does not match, I would think that Facer has not been allowed to read from you watch. Check the settings.

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So that is a neat trick @tom.vannes . I do my work in CAD so the centre is a Template I work in from the centre . But exactly as you I have an Invisible Box round the lot when I Render ( Export ) it .
Well done to Flag up the White .

And you do this (make the copy, opposite) to make it easier to insert/ position on the face?

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Thank you for your answer.

“Leave some Publications for us so we can Judge where you are on your Journey”
→ I’m at the beginning of the begin of the journey, so just playing around, nothing i can publish

“put yur rotation code in yourself”
→ can you explain a bit more about the rotation codes? the differences ? (in human language, I’m a social assistent lol)

(#BLN#/100) = the same like you put?



yes, I add my own hand, using the “+” as below:

And you need a second hand in facer if you want a different color in dim mode.

If you add the hand as an image, then you can put in dim hands there’s well. I have seen people do that. You can still color using “Tint”, but then it the same color for all variations. It is only useful if you create all hands outside of Facer:

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So @nicoclaessens99 . The App Launcher you have flagged up is for you Pros . I can not help you with that I am a Free Maker. A Pro might Join in And Help with that .
Check out the documents.

If you make your Drafts Inspectable and Post them here . It helps us to understand your questions .

You will see on a Layer there is a Tag For Rotation . We can put code in there to rotate tour image any which way you wish .


Will give you 9 ticks per second . Change the 9s to whatever you wish.


((#BLN#)*.01) is the same as (#BLN#/100)

What about the numbers to code them? I see a lot of tags followed by numbers and operations (/ * etc)
Where can I learn that? example 9/6)/96
Maybe I’ ve missed a part in the info-page…

Can’t figure out where the inspection icon is?

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Good starting point is here.

And then some folks have opened up inspection mode so you can have a look. Mine are here.

And once you are stuck, this is the place, we are here to help…

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Thanks you very much Tom. I Will take a good Look.
Strange thing is that I have inspection on (yellow marker in the print screen). Then when I share IT with the link, the inspection icon is gone.

Probabely my fault, sorry for the fuzz.
But its Nice to know help is there.

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Sorry @nicoclaessens99 . The example I flagged up is not a standard bit of code but an example of what you can get given on the Community . @tom.vannes has correctly pointed you to the Documents . It is a couple of years ago now that I started . I struggle to remember the Path I took . All the help you need is here . Some of us have to scrabble in the Tool box to find the bits .

I wonder if you have sorted out your Inspection yet . I am able to inspect your Test . So from here click on the Watch Title then the little rocket on the left . Not all Publications or Drafts are Inspectable .

I published hybrid test 1.0

Question about colouring: the code of the yellow I used is: #ebcc5d
I want to use the exact same colour of facer in sketchbook.
how does the code of facer translates to RGB codes like in a drawing program? (I’m using sketchbook)


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HI @nicoclaessens99
If you put RGB value like R:235, G:204, B:93 on your sketchbook, hope you will get as the same color you use in Facer.

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Good question . #ebcc5d is eb of Red cc of Green 5d of Blue .

So just convert the eb HEX to Decimal most Calculators on computers these days do that .

thanks Russel and ‘nobel’ for the clarification :ok_hand:

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