Some faces not syncing correctly to Apple Watch 7

I have a Series 7 and some faces, such as Pip boy, won’t sync correctly. They sync to my watch but only show up as Modular Duo (black screen with the time). Screenshot attached to show what it looks like.

Welcome to the user-to-user community. Are you trying to add the portrait as shown in the example or are you trying to add the Modular Duo but it is showing up black? Make sure you have given Facer all permissions to access your data. If that doesn’t help, on this page there is a way to send Support a question: Facer on Apple Watch – How can we help?

Thanks for the response! I have given Facer all permissions. The portrait faces work properly, but the modular duo (which is the Pip boy face) shows up black like that. It shows the proper face when my phone asks to confirm, but once it transfers to the watch it’s black. I’ll try support.

Thank you for the clarification. Yes, please contact Support. In addition, you might try using the comment section for the design to see if you can talk with the designer. While you are waiting for responses from them, perhaps someone with an Apple Watch will chime in here. Unfortunately, I do not have an Apple Watch so I cannot be much help.

Sorry for being late to the conversation. It might be that the Watch 7 is not compatible with the new line of Pip Boy faces even though it can display the Modular Duo templet.

Is this the face that you are trying to sync? Fallout - Pip-Boy - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Sorry for the delayed response - missed the email notification. Yes - that is the face.

I was wondering if that might be the case, but it says the face is compatible with Series 7 and up.

ETA - from what I’ve been able to troubleshoot, faces that load as portrait work, but anything that loads as modular duo does not.

Yes, according to the description, that face is compatible with Series 7. It has been tested by Facer. The Mod Duo template was created for Series 7. I strongly suggest that you contact Facer Support about this. Please let us know your progress. Thanks!

Thanks, I’ve submitted a support request and will report back if I get any more info.