Some Help Please Guys

I spent so long creating the graphics for the background in this Face that there wasn’t much space left to put the important bits for a Watch Face :joy:
Can you guys please help me out with some suggestions/ideas on how better to incorporate the Time and Date into this Face please…

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That is a wild looking face! Of which I now have a wild idea for you. Why not just put the time and date “floating” in front of the face just like a normal digital watch face, EXCEPT, use opacity to make it fade in and out like breathing. Flash (like breathing) Opacity 100% to 50% repeated over and over.

((sin(#DWE# * 5)) * 20+60)

Here’s something I whipped up to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

I altered the formula a little to make it more pronounced.

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That’s an excellent idea thanks Mr Anti Social Guy, I’ll definitely be using that when I get on the laptop tomorrow at some point :smiley:

Thank you very much Mr Antisocial Guy, works a treat and looks 100 times better for it -


you can also go analog and put arrows in the rings or something

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That’s a good idea I had actually already played around with thanks…I even had Day Markers as a wheel at one point, around the Fan when I shrunk it a little and had a little red triangle to mark the current day (my mum didn’t like it so I scrapped that :rofl: )