Some problems after Facer App Update

Since the last update of Facer the Watchface freezes after the Awake. Smoothrotation for second hand no longer works on the Watch. Tripple Tap stops responding. This is annoying.

What watch do you have? Is Facer in the watch also updated?

I have deinstaled everything on the smartphone and the watches and installed the latest versions. Currently I use Samsung Gear S2 and S3.

My watch (Gear S2) also has the same problem after the update.

I am also experiencing this issue with a Gear S2. Have also tried complete uninstalls and clearing cache and data with no luck.

Hi all,

Thanks for the report! We just managed to reproduce this on the S2 in a few isolated cases when the AOD mode is disabled. We are going to try and fix this ASAP.

@chpschubje are you also seeing the issue on your S3?

I am also having same problem on my gear s2 uninstalled both apps from phone and watch got fed up with it will try again in a few days .had to buy a nice looking face for now

@Facer_Official No, after several tests I could not find any problems on the S3.
Thanks for your efforts.

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Any updates on this?

Hi, is there any update on when a fix will be ready?

@chpschubje @mowgli212001 @zhnkrdg Thanks for these reports - After the face freezes, does the time ever change on much later wakes? (like some minutes later; even if it’s still frozen, but on a new time) or does it stay frozen on the same time forever?

Some times it does. I checked earlier and all was working fine until I read a notification on the watch. It then instantly froze and resumed approx 2 minutes later. Now when I check at 12.10 it is still showing 12.01. See pic.

Just checked, still shows 12.01 over 30 minutes later. Was still showing 12.01 At 13.01 when the battery died.

When the face is frozen, it always stays at the same time. This happens even after receiving a message or calling up the settings. If Setting Allways on it freezes only for a few seconds. Otherwise for minutes or forever.

I would like to add that before the update in Dec, this worked seamlessly

I am having the same problem on my S3. It worked fine before the update and for the 18 months I have had the watch prior to the update. I posted in another tread but figured I would add to this thread since it is more recent.

Same problem with my S2 watch. Freezes several times each day, sometimes for long periods. Seems to be more reliable Iin AOD mode. I am using an LG G6 phone.

Is there any updates on this issue?

Hi everyone - Just a quick update on this, we have a new build with a fix for this submitted to the Galaxy Store. We will be releasing as soon as it’s through Samsung’s review process, which we hope will be in the next few days. Thanks again for your patience.


tengo el samsung gear s2 , nunca me ha fallado desde hace unos meses, la hora se congela y tengo que esperar a que cuando el quiera me de la hora exacta, como ya no se que hacer lo he desinstalado y ahora utilizo mr time hasta que facer me de una solucion.gracias