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Some questions about the clock interface

Dear friends,
I am looking for answers to some of the things that came to my mind while designing the watch interface in Facer.
For example,
1- Can we see AM and PM in the same area, one active and the other passive, depending on the situation…?
2- Can we see a Bluetooth icon on the watch interface…?
3- Can we see Music, Recent calls icons on the watch interface…?
I would be glad if you can help.

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  1. yes, you could check if it is AM or PM and play with opacity to hide or dim one of them. For example: You would have two text elements, one has text PM and the other has text AM, and then in each opacity field, do the check

  2. no, not available in Facer

  3. no, you can only lauch apps that Facer provides

I didn’t understand the AM and PM issue. Others are ok.
I am for AM/PM,
I am using this code and it shows AM or PM based on time of day. It’s not just what I want.
If it doesn’t, there’s nothing we can do.

Thank you for your interest.

I have added AM/PM elements on my watch face, you can inspect it.
I have AM and PM text on the watch face, and depending on the time of day either of the two is brighter than the other:

After examining the sample clock, I understood the issue.
Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards…

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