Some tags like #DE# leave a '.' dot behind the result

Hi everyone! I’m trying to create a nice and clean watch face for my fossil watch. For this i’m using a simple #DE# tag, but that gives me this: ‘SA.’ as a result and I would really like to remove the dot. Can somebody help me with this?

Not sure exactly how you are using the command but on my system #DE# gives me a 3 Character result like SAT if you are seeing SA. then your field size is set wrong or if you wish to achieve a 2 character response you will need to do some extra coding let me know i can talk you through that if you need it

I agree with @dazstacey, I think the font size is too large for the text field, make the text field bigger or make the font smaller…

Well, it´s normally to get a “Mo.” on the watch face when you are in germany. The output names of #DE# are language sensitive.

Oh ok if thats the case you could use this type of code in a text field to remove the full stop
$#DE#=Su.?SU:$$#DE#=Mo.?MO:$$#DE#=Tu.?TU:#DE#$ (And so on it seems to work

Careful with this kind of undocumented condition nest though, it doesn’t seem to work at all for some watches, though I couldn’t tell you which specifically, sadly :frowning:

Actually this type is perfectly fine they even use it in there own watch demos and in a few of the complications offered in the creator it only get sticky if you try using it in the obscurity field or the coordinates then the multiple conditions can be missed on some watches

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Oh, so using it for Rotation and Text will bear no issues whatsoever? :o

in my experience testing on a few watches that i own its fine in the text field rotation i have not tested but i have got away with some huge rotational coding with out problems the opacity and coordinates have always failed on testing tho with 3 out of 5 so best never to touch them

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That’s great to hear. I’ve used/am using this type of conditions on at least one of my watch faces and have always been a bit bummed that for some people it might not work, but I guess there’s no need for concern! Thanks brother :smiley:

@AllenMiquel @dazstacey
I’ve used a similar expression in some of my faces to achieve a two letter day result.

$#DE#==Mon?Mo:$ $#DE#==Tue?Tu:$ $#DE#==Wed?We:$ $#DE#==Thu?Th:$ $#DE#==Fri?Fr:$ $#DE#==Sat?Sa:$ $#DE#==Sun?Su:$

The problem I’ve had is on my TicWatch E (used to test with only) it returns DE==Mon, DE==Tue ect. On my Samsung watches (Gear S3 and Active 2) it shows correctly. So I guess if you have a WearOS watch that is not “high quality” it might cause issues. “Your mileage may vary” :grinning:

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