Some Themes not getting stored in my Favorites

When I Select :heart: a Theme as a Favorite, it should appear under the FAVORITES TAB in the WATCHBOX.

Facer App is skipping most of the Favourite’d Themes and all are not displayed under the Favorites Tab. Why is the App not displaying all those I keep Favorite’ing and skips most of them as I check them under Favorites or Recent Tabs.

Am using the Facer App on my Vivo Android Mobile, which is updated regularly.

Kindly fix the bug in the App, so that it perfectly records and stores all the Themes / Faces which we Favorite :heart: while browsing the app. Tks.


Welcome @prabhatps. I am not support Staff just a member of the Community. I do not understand what you mean about Themes. I thought we could only make Favourites of Watch Faces. I have made a Special Folder for Faces I want to access easily as I have so many Favourites. I use it as a vote to Faces I like.

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