"Something" between Active Mode and DIM Mode

Hello there,

here at my new watch face* “something” happen between the Active and DIM Mode sometimes (app. 50:50 chance). It takes few seconds (from 1 up to app. 8 seconds). Here is the picture of this “effect”:

Special” at this design is the animation based only at the #DWE# Tag - maybe @eradicator09 could have similar experiences (?).

Technical Data:

Phone: samsung SM-G950F
Watch: LG Urbane
App Version: 4.5.6_6150
Android Version: 7.0

Watch Face:

(Apropos, sorry for many of my topics at the top right now (Feb 21, 2018) - I just deleted some unimportant information from my tutorials and the system gave some of them as “new” to the top)

Yeah, I get that sporadically with my animated faces. I figured it was either watch related or because I use the StayLit Wear app to change the default wake mode to 10 seconds.

I notice some times (maybe around 5-10% of the time) that an animation will freeze (or the brightness flicker) for a few seconds between the transition from wake to dim. It never really bothered me since tapping would wake it clearing the freeze or waiting a few more seconds it would go to Dim all the way.

Thanks for your comment @eradicator09. Well you are right, nobody cares about the smooth or even lightly broken transmission. I realized it maybe only because I used the “Pure #DWE# Animation” for the first time… so I watched :eye: and watched :eye: up to the DIM Mode :slight_smile: