Something new or old?

Hi. I wanted to make a face where I “draw”the time display on it. I succeeded in doing that partially (this time) for the hour display, by using only 1 type of element and creating my own font at the same time (so many times here …). And added one object, a pencil for of course, the drawing. I had some work with that, but I enjoyed the challenge.

What do you think of it and do you know others how draw to time?



Interesting. But it took me a while to understand what was the actual specialty.
Could not find it until waking up the face on preview.
One has to be patient and then quick to read the whole time before the face goes dim again.

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I was inspired by a watch face called Time Machine (not Facer), where the number are elements that move.
No clue how it is done - I want to do something along those line, but have not had time to look into it…:


But, your idea is pretty cool. Nice work!

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Thx! Yes, mine is different and apparently- for the moment - new…

I got some ideas to broaden the application of what I presented, but I’m also triggered by what I see in your picture. And got some ideas how that could work too! Stuff for later.