Sometimes #DWE# does not start from 0.

I have recently started using Facer. I am using TicWatch E3, Wear OS and have AOD (always on display) enabled.
I would like to use the #DWE# tag to fade in when active from DIM.
I have written (100*interpDecel(#DWE#,0,0.5,1)) in Opacity, but when I tap my watch to activate it, about once every 5 times opacity first goes to 100% for a moment, then goes to 0% and fades in.
If anyone knows how to describe this to avoid this, please let me know.
The Inspectable watchface is below:


That has been an issue with Facer since 2019 when I got here. You might be better off putting a black solid image over the whole watchface and fade it out rapidly instead of fading everything in on wake.


I have a ticwatch PRO 3 Ultra. I have not come across this, or I have not really noticed.

I have found that the acceleration functions are not always needed for such short fade-in/out.

In your case you could try: (40-#DWE#*30)


My watch often hangs with facer, I sometimes have to wake it multiple times before it shows actual time again.
Maybe it means that the dwe is reset on wake and not on going dim, and in case of similar short glitch between waking up and resetting the counter, it simply shows the last know value?


Thank you for your comments.
I have found a solution.
Originally, I had turned off the eye toggle to hide the element when DIM. I stopped doing this and replaced #DWE# with #ZLP# ? 0 : #DWE# and it stopped flickering.


@zenjiro0123 Well Thank you . I have not use #ZLP# I Always assumed Low Power Mode was when the watch switched to Basic Mode to save power . Fantastic . I am not a fan of AOD/ DIM mode and wonder why it has so many different names . Any way Nice bit of Voodoo Well done .

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@zenjiro0123 & @russellcresser
I have been using $#ZLP#==false?100:70$ for picture watchfaces where the AOD is too bright and causes the flicker on some watches. (Iā€™m looking at you TicWatch and Fossil.)


Brilliant or not Brilliant . Depending on what you want .:rofl::grin::+1: