Sonic Green Hill tribute

Video is challenging to do in Facer so I decided to make two layers of shifting transparent images. The foreground layer moves across the whole level in 60 seconds. The background layer moves the distant landscape slower to create the illusion of distance. Then I created a transparent 8 frame video in the front of Sonic with the spinning rings. This would normally be all I needed, but of course Sonic has to do the loop, so I made another 8 frame video of sonic running in a ball in the loop that I simply substituted into the frame at the appropriate time, and removed the normal video from the frame. When Sonic finishes his loop, the normal 8 frame video returns. After 60 seconds, the foreground layer seamlessly loops back to the beginning. As far as I can tell, I tried to ensure that all the art is fan made reproductions, and not original material. Also, the current temperature and weather is day/night aware. This watch was mostly just an exercise in fun with equations, but pushes the limit on Facer video.

Hope somebody can have fun with it! :grinning:


That looks really cool :sunglasses:

Ha cool! I can hear the music in my head!

I swear I did not encoded the music into the watchface and transmit it to your head via bone conduction vibration via watch vibration. Or did I? - It sure was a challenge to figure out those equations… :wink:

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