Sorry, but,,,,,i still need help wit dials & expression

This is my problem:
I have this dial
I use this formula (+(#DOW#/7)*360)
but the hand is 1 day out of phase. Instead of Sunday it marks Monday and so on.
Someone can tell me where is the mistake?
As usually…thx for any help
A great day to all

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Sorry i inserted the wrong dial.
The dial is this

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Ok just so you know you do not need to do most of that now they have made a expresion #DWR#
that gives rotation value for day of week so saves all the hastle ou just need to add or subtract the odd day or so like (#DWR#-51.428) that is the calculation for a single day 360/7 ok

Hi dazstacey
Thx again, you are very collaborative, but…being a beginner and a very bad mathematician i have not understood your explanation. What should i insert in the rotation field? The whole formula i mean.
Meanwhile i think i have found a solution rotating Sunday so that it is at 12 o’c and using

yes the whole thing just gos in the rotation field

Also (not sure about this value) but some values are localized, and in some countries a week starts at Sunday while in others it starts on Monday, etc… This could affect the values.