[Sorted] Help with VAR in general and Toggle animation

Hi peeps,

I wonder if you can help or put me on the right track. So im playing with the premium features and have enabled a number of features on this watch >>

  • Top dial is link to activity,
  • Time Dial is linked to alarm
  • Battery dial toggles Battery indication preference
  • Titanium logo toggles the Silver disc to cover everything bar hands.

SO a couple of questions. Is there a way to stop the time (alarm) and Activity app launchers working when the top disc in place and then…

My main question is how to i make the disc animate into place, lets say roll in position maybe? Do I need to make a sequence and then trigger that instead? If so how many still’s will i need for the motion to look smooth. And then when I toggle the VAR how will i reverse the sequence. Or have i got it all wrong :slight_smile:

Also is there a way to ensure the watch defaults in the no top disc in place view when displaying in my collections?

Thanks in advance.

Hi mate i was thinking looking at your design this anim could be nice see what you think. and to take the buttons off the screen simply move them to -900 x possition when off and return to there normal place when on.

Hello mate, Thanks for looking at this. I do like what youve done but not what I was looking for on my design. I kind of want the disc to slide in or roll in from the side under the hands without any holes in it.

Or perhaps for it to appear as if the base background is rising up through the watch and stops below the hands but probably getting too carried away. How do you do it, even the basics so I can have a play.

As for the buttons position, i’ll play with that, thank you :slight_smile:

ok how about this one

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Lol, Yes exactly that, Now…How do I respectfully “NICK THAT” lol and more importantly how did you do it so i can help myself going forward :slight_smile:

Inspection mode is active mate just take what you need the maths is very simple its onl timing stuff as you will see if you inspect the code

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ok, mate, much appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

Ok, Not sure what ive done wrong but it rolls on nice on first press and then on next press it just dissapears, doesnt roll off again in reverse like yurs does. Not sure what I am missing. Looks straight forward. (not admitting for one second that I understand teh code yet though lol). I have uplaoded my changes for you to see.

Ok, ignore tht sussed it. I was still using a VAR tag in the opacity. All works now. Awesome. :slight_smile: