Sound Option for Facer Created faces

Hi there, would anyone else like to have sounds enabled on their Facer watch faces? Would be good if we could at least add the basics, such as ticking sounds etc, since nearly all of our watches have speakers. An under-used part of our watches, I believe it would add an extra dimension to them. Anyone else have similar ideas?

I would not want continuous sound from my watch (although others might).

Access to program sporadic sounds (e.g. hourly chime like some of the first digital watches had) could be useful though.


I like this idea, though it would obviously add to the file size of the design.

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Very good idea. I would love a “minute repeater” feature in watches. Apple watches have a feature where you press and hold two fingers onto the screen to have the time read to you out loud.

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Which watch do you own? depending on the watch you may also have a similar feature under Accessibility or whatever that’s called in English. I know the Samsung Active 2 has it, it can read out loud pretty much anything for people with weak eyesight to still be able to enjoy a smart watch.

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Yes it would, might slow it down a bit but it would rival the manufacturers faces, some of which have that added dimension.

I am looking already for faces witch at least will have hourly sound. It’s impossible to find anything like that. I can not to understand why!

My watch can’t do sound, but if it could, it would be turned off. Almost as annoying as cellphones going off during speeches. :smiley:

Each to their own though I guess.