Soy novato en todo

Also again, I am completely ignorant of watches programming language. But I like to “tinker”. And I like (what I do in Watchmaker) download watches and study language and change or add things.
My questions are two:
What about importing some time to manipulate or study the functions?
How do you put a conditional indicating that if the day is a Sunday turns red the day of the month and day of the week?
Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.

PD.- My English is also null and use the translator of google, I’m sorry if you do not understand me

Hey @Adebua

I’m not sure what you mean by the first question, but if you are looking for more information about the functions and tags that are offered in Facer you can go here:

A conditional that changes the color of an element based on the day of the week can be achieved by modifying transparency. We currently can’t do any direct modification of the colors using conditionals.

So if you want your text to turn red on Sunday you can:

  • Make two text elements, one black and one red.
  • For your ‘Sunday’ element, add the following function to the transparency field: $#DOW#=0?100:0$

This function can be read like this:

if(dayOfWeek = 0) 
then 100 else 0

This means that the transparency will turn to 100% on dayOfWeek 0, which is Sunday. For your other element you do the reverse: $#DOW#=0?0:100$

Hope that helps!