Spaces removed since update on 23/7

Hi, since this mornings update my watch faces are no longer showing spaces within text fields. These were working fine yesterday so seems to be related to the update. They display correctly within the app and on the web page but not syncing correctly.

In addition, some watches (Clear Digital - Hot Pink) are not showing the minutes correctly. Instead of 30 it will say <0.

I’ve cleared the cache in the app etc, this has also been reported by another user using my watch faces.

Any advice?

Here’s a screenshot of a watch face uploaded yesterday (Clear ST - Lime) showing both issues, this was working before today’s update. Not too sure if it’s the Facer update or Wear update that’s broken this but the faces look fine in the app, just not once they’ve been synced.




Can you link the faces that have an issue? We’ll look into that ASAP


Thanks, if it helps I’m running the latest version of Facer released on the 22/7. The watch is a Moto 360 2nd Gen, with Wear 2.25. The problem happens whether syncing through the app or PC, and a user with another watch has reported the issue here:

Same issue on this one, there should be a space between the location/temp, the date, and the steps.

And the space issue with date/temp, and the bpm

This is the one in my previous post showing the < for the minutes. It hasn’t got the problem at the moment so it appears to depend on what time it is. Though it still has the issue with the spacing.

Other examples:

At 18:38 it was showing 18:>9, at 18:40 it’s fine and shows 18:40

Spacing issue on date and location

Spacing issue on date

Hi support,

I was still having the spacing issue so I wiped my phone and watch, its now working properly with the latest version of Facer under Wear OS, so it looks like the update to 2.25 broke this. I can’t force my watch to update Wear OS (it thinks it’s on the latest when it’s not), so I’ll re-test this as I get Wear updates and I’ll let you know which one does it.

I haven’t been wearing watch faces with the < error shown on the time so I’ll try them and update you as to whether that’s also been fixed by rolling back the Wear OS version.

Thanks for the info! We’ve notified our test team of the issue you reported and they’re currently looking into it. We’ll update this thread when we have more info!

Thanks for your help, i’ll let you know what happens when the watch catches up with the updates.

If it helps narrow it down I tried quite a few other watch faces from other creators and it happens on every face where the tags are in the same field with a space. Also, changing the font to default ones didn’t fix it, neither did putting in more than one space or creating a new element.

Wear Version:
Issue: Spaces have been removed from the watch face when wearing, all looks fine in the preview.

Please find attached…