Speed up work flow?

I’m finding the web app to be really frustrating for how much time is wasted while I try to test various animations/expressions. Right now, from what I can tell I have to save the face prior to viewing in showcase mode to see the edits in action. Save time is sometimes very slow, then loading the showcase mode is slow, then backing out and waiting for the editor to load again is slow once more. All this waiting time just to see the result of the most simple edit. Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to view the watch action as I go? THanks!

The quickest way without saving is to just click the run button.
Everything else is just as you described.

@mrantisocialguy Thanks! That does serve as at least an effective interim shortcut. Timing doesn’t seem the same as showcase mode though. but this will definitely work for a quick check. Thanks for the help!

Have your showcase window open all the time, that way when you save, you can just reload that tab or window to test while keeping your editor open.

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Thanks, I’ll try that too. Am I correct that there does not exist a standalone Facer creator for either PC or phone? I always find web apps to be a bit sluggish. Maybe I need to experiment with different browsers too.

Yeah just web.