Spekti faces and dynamic 3d lighting

I present to you my new faces: Spekti and Spekti Synergy

They look simple but don’t be deceived. They are sporting my newest math solution: “3d hands”.
Things that happen on the face:

  1. shadows under hands move according to watch’s position
  2. higher situated part move according to watch’s position change from the wake-up moment.
  3. (best for last) hands have actual active lighting on them - they light up based on which side is higher at the time

If you are interested in this solution - check out their inspection mode or wait for my newest tutorial.
Warning - that effect might not be fully visible in the web preview, or in the gif preview.

Edit: Bug question to @Facer_Official Why the new preview (like above) shows square version of a face on a round watch?


Here you have my tutorial on the matter: Active self-moving shadows - 3d lighting on top