Spent Some Time Making This One, Did I Miss Anything?

MAG 1506


Defects I have not found …
Just two questions …

  • What does the minutes on the side of the road that indicate the distance of the steps walked …
  • AOD … there are no changes … only the seconds go off …

After everything else … it looks good, that this is your signature … :cowboy_hat_face: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :100: :100: :100: Very NICE !!!

Question 1 answer: The minutes to the right of the road is the approximate time spent walking the distance on the left.

Question 2 answer: Since the watch face is so dark I just decided to dim the seconds and set them at 00 in ambient mode. I have received the comment on more than one of my watch faces, wanting the AOD ambient mode to be the same as the active face. I try to either take away most of the colors or if the face is a picture, make it black and white.

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First question … the programming is very interesting … :writing_hand::wink:

Second question … very good information for future designs … !!! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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All the math for step distance, and the time spent came from this mini tutorial.
[TOMAJA Mini Tutorial] How to Convert Steps into Miles, Kilometres, Calories & Sport Time

I have used the math for the miles and kilometers and combined them into one expression to make it easier to add to a watch face.

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Hello, I think there is nothing missing - you have reached pretty deep into the element box, very good! May I still give a minimal food for thought?
You have positioned the time centrally. That’s ok, of course. But this makes the right edge of the date “stick” too close to the time, and, if I see it correctly, there is a dot behind SEPT, which already half disappears behind the time. There would be 2 possibilities: Reduce the date and seconds (both) a bit to ensure the distance from date to time, or … move MINIMALLY the time from the center to the right. Just test if this would look more harmonious. But these are quibbles. Very nice work! Many greetings - Ralf

I guess this is the result of inconsistent abbreviation of localized months and days. In different languages they vary from 2 characters to 4 character sometimes with or without dot (I see just SEP here). Some languages do not even have abbreviations. I do not know what the source for this is, but it was implemented like that and we can not change it.
Usually (with quasi mono-type fonts like this) I solve it with aligning the text to left field border and masking over anything following the 3rd character.