Spijker Face (Dutch Supercar)

This is why Dutch people are so brilliant… :wink:

The Logo Spijker cars is using is over 100 years old but complete prepared to be used as an watch-face… the blades of the propeller in the logo are perfectly placed to be used as hands… It might be a little hard to read the time but it would be a crime against the logo to fiddle with the hands so I did not adjust the size at all… I only did cut them loose, did repair the broken lines and added some marks to make it a little bit better to read…

I know it’s not a Rembrand but it might get close to an Van Gogh…


Looks good! Don’t forget the dim mode though :slight_smile:

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Isn’t the Spyker logo copyrighted?

Did you check the register before asking ?

I know your out on an easy score but do your homework first, then you don’t have to ask.

“The Spyker brand name, logo, as well as the name of the vehicles and slogans used are, unless otherwise stated, registered trademarks” (Spykercars)

No homework to do. So, I will try with another couple of questions.

What about the AFC Ajax watch face? (Hint: yeah, Ajax logo is copyright of AFC Ajax N.V.).
Why do you keep posting copyrighted watch faces when you know that Facer should/will remove them?

Please, enlighten me.

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Both logo’s are free to use for NON Commercial use and look again at Spyker… You shouls look at conditions at the site from the current owner… not on the old one… Spyker is not longer building cars but planes…

I really not gonne explain why it’s free to use the AJAX logo you wane make a point so go ahead… i’m to buzy to discus anything…

Report them, let them remove or whatever makes you happy…

Have a great day

If I’ve deciphered it correctly, you’re missing the point.

The problem is not the usage you do of a brand owned by a commercial company.
There are some exceptions, but, generally, they won’t stop you if you don’t sell it or misuse it.

The problem is that branded watch faces are not allowed on Facer. Or, at least, they shouldn’t.
It makes no difference if you’re using Rolex, TAG, Breitling, Tissot, AFC Ajax or Spyker.

And you know it only so well.

So, my question, unanswered, stands:
Why do you keep posting copyrighted watch faces when you know that Facer should/will remove them?

And, for the record, I’m not the one reporting watch faces, here.

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