Spinning Drums / Jet Pilot / Mech. Pendulum / Weather Window

I tend to do new faces in spurts when I have the time. Here’s a few of new ones as of late:

Spinning Drums:

  • Rotating drums show the time. Minute rotations are animated every minute change.
  • At the top in light blue is a steps bar graph, as well as a battery level meter. It will be green if the charge is above 60%, red if below 30%, and yellow in between.
  • At the bottom is a weather temperature forecast graph for the next 5 days, with high/low temperatures graphed, and underneath the graph is the forecast weather condition.
  • Current weather condition is on the right side, second pie chart on the left side.

Jet Pilot

  • Gyro Enabled plane Battery lower left, steps lower right. Both colour coded.

Mechanical Pendululm

  • Glowing hands, with steps progress at centre point.
  • Date on the moving pendulum, pushed around by gears at the bottom.
  • Battery level on right side. Red below 30%, green above 60%, yellow in between.
  • Note, sometimes the springs and pendulum go out of sync, which isn’t on purpose, but oh well -¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Weather Window

  • Digital clock on the left.
  • On the right side is a window to the outside weather condition animation. The animation changes depending upon the condition and whether it is currently day or night.
  • 16 weather animations included are:
    Fair weather day, fair weather night, few clouds day, few clouds night, scattered clouds day, scattered clouds night, cloudy/overcast day, cloudy/overcast night, showers day, showers night, rain day, rain night, thunderstorm, snow day, snow night, fog day, fog night.
  • 5 Day weather condition forecast with daily high/low trend graph on the right.
  • Steps are on the top.
  • Battery level progress bar is on the far right. It is green above 60%, red below 30%, and yellow in between.
  • 12/24 hr mode compatible


Very nice work Brad, I even synced the Plane one as well, great job :clap: :+1: