Splash screen lasts over a minute

I have an LG Urbane. I am on the Facer Beta program. For the last 2+ months this issue has gone away a few times but generally speaking it returns with the next beta release. It is an issue with this current release. I have shuffle set to 15 minutes. When the shuffle occurs the Facer spash screen appears and stays on for over a minute. Eventually a new face appears. I have tried turning Animations on and off, it does not help. This has not always been an issue. It started a few months ago.

Hi there!

Sorry about that! Can you confirm that the splash screen does eventually go away when you activate your watch with a wrist-flick or tap on the screen?

Yes, it does eventually go away and the face appears.

Checking in on this?

Still having this issue, it makes the shuffle feature a bit useless because I frequently see the splash screen when I am looking for the time. I have bypassed the problem by turning shuffle off and loading a new watch face every day but obviously that is less than ideal.

@Aprayiii - hi! Thanks for your report, which was confirmed on our side. This is caused by the watch going into dim mode while it’s loading the watch face. While not ideal, we recommend periodically tapping on the face to wake it up while it’s loading to make sure it stays active during the whole process. We’ll do our best to fix this ASAP!

Ahhh ok! Thank you for the response!

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