'Spotlight Watchfaces'

Since a couple of days and several times a day a watchface from the new ‘Spotlight’ watchfaces is being activated automatically and installed on my smartwatch (even if I have never installed these ones!). Here I am in special talking about the watchfaces ‘Doomguy’, ‘Demons’ and ‘Inferno’.
I cannot understand this behaviour, especially as I do have the Pro account. I am really annoyed by this circumstances. I am 58 years old and I really do NOT like to see these kind of pictures on my watchface…especially when they activate them by themselves!
At first thougt, I was thinking about a virus, but when I logged-in to Facer, I recognized these watchfaces under the category ‘Spotlight Watchfaces’.
Why are these ones being launched automatically on my smartwatch?

Best regards,.

Most likely you have the “Daily Mix” activated in your watch. When you tap three times the daily mix is one swipe on the left from the current watchface. I believe if you select another watchface other than the daily mix it should stop. If not restart your watch and then try a regular watchface.