Square Face specifically for Polar M600

Just created this as a request for the Square Faced Polar M600, please let me know of any ways I could improve it -


I’m a big Bond fan. Good job. I can only think that maybe you should make the photo a little smaller and the text a little bigger. I know that I for one, would not be able to read the time or any data on that face without reading glasses, and my age is probably the lowest of the target demographic who would even know this film. The older one gets, the more hard it is to read without glasses.

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Thanks for that Brad, much appreciated :+1: I’m an oldie myself, and have learned on here already about Text sizes that I can’t see without my glasses on :joy: I use size 18-20 Text on all my Faces nowadays, and that seems ok for me to see, and I used size 20 on this Face: is that too small?