Square face watches screenshots request

I was considering to work on a request for face dedicated to square watches, so I tried to figure first, how the 320x320 resolution of the facer faces translates to the tall screen watches with non-square resolutions like the Oppo with 402x476 (are they stretched or cropped or what). I could not find anything specific on this, nor about how the watches handle corners, how much are they actually rounded (I guess its different on Polar, Asus, Sony, Oppo and others).

So I would like to ask willing people with square watches, to provide screenshots of some their native and some facer faces, so we can better understand this.


Talk to @russellcresser, particularly about his Square or Round face:

He stretches the hands in line with the dimensions of the watch face.


I remember reading a complaint from an Oppo user who was upset that Facer did not stretch the faces to match the Oppo’s screen size. His complaint was the black unused portion of his screen and the square 320x320 Facer face in it. I believe it was going the full width of the watch so it was getting stretched at least to 402x402 but the aspect ratio was the same as a square watch face. At least that was my understanding of his complaint.


I kind of guess. Where Facer say square they mean Square and the face will fill to the smallest axis. It would be truly wonderful to get any feeback at all. I relih the negative, at least it is feedback.


Thanks @rob.fisk for Promoting my work . So far 8 Syncs in 11 days . Really shooting of the shelves . Got at many comments on that one thanks to the community . although Replies are counted so its only 4 .